On the Fortune Trail with James Wanless


What is the Fortune Formula?

In this video James introduces the origin story behind the Fortune Formula and the power it’s had on his own journey.

In a flash of inspiration, James got out of the box and saw how his life’s work and expertise come together to provide this revolutionary approach to  Being It All and Having It All.

The Fortune Formula is:

  • Sustainable — based on the natural world we see around us.
  • Success psychology — to be happy and at peace, leveraging archetypes, cognitive behavior, and  mindfulness.
  • About wealth — based upon successful real business principles, behavioral economics, and James’ life experience as a “solopreneur”.
  • Spiritual — trusting the mystery in a mysterious time.
  • Holistic — about creating a life that’s healthy, wealthy, happy and holy, sustainable and free  — potentiating you to be all that you can be.


This is not about fortune telling.  It’s about fortune creation.

The Fortune Maker series is a year-long program, connecting with your inner archetypes to activate the Fortune Formula in your own life.


The Universal and Archetypal Journey for Having It All By Being It All

The FORTUNE MAKER SERIES is a complete “manifestation system” of twelve 90-minute live sessions to help you achieve your aspirations. Each FORTUNE MAKER session “activates” you with actions so that you create on-going productive “habits.” And it works because we have an ongoing, interactive support circle! (You cannot do it alone).

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