Why Success Programs Fail and “Fortune Maker” Works!


In this video, James talks about the Fortune Circle approach at the core of the Fortune Maker series.   The Fortune Circle has three vital differences from other success seminars and classes

  1. It’s fun

  2. It’s immediate

  3. It’s real

James’ video and his post on LinkedIn Pulse go into more detail.  For example:

Having fun makes learning deeper and creativity easier…. Bringing my Voyager “Success Archetype” cards into play through the Hero’s Journey “Fool to Fortune” calls upon the power of gaming, symbols, story, synchronicity and surprise for aha! insight and inspiration. Being a “fun-damentalist,” myself, it’s in my nature to evoke the magical child within.


For real change and true success, new habits through actions must be cultivated, and this takes time and constant accountability and support.  In between live sessions led by myself, we have a “Fortune Circle,” an online community chat space, archived sessions, different threads for each golden principle ….

The Fortune Circle is a key part of the year-long Fortune Maker program, along with monthly 90-minute live online sessions!


The Universal and Archetypal Journey for Having It All By Being It All

The FORTUNE MAKER SERIES is a complete “manifestation system” of twelve 90-minute live sessions to help you achieve your aspirations. Each FORTUNE MAKER session “activates” you with actions so that you create on-going productive “habits.” And it works because we have an ongoing, interactive support circle! (You cannot do it alone).

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