The Magic of Creation

Become the living Magician, a veritable wizard within you to manifest your aspirations and goals. On March 1, 2016, join James Wanless online to “activate” the manifestor in you.

By tapping the power of real magic in you, establish your personal power by materializing your own creative gift. Learn and activate the “mechanics of manifestation” for any aspect of you and your life.

By signing up for this session, you receive an entire month free for getting support by me and others on our Fortune Circle closed community chat and support group.

This Magic of Creation session follows up on the first session, which is about embodying the “creative life force” represented by the free spirit, Holy Fool-Child (All sessions are recorded and archived). The FORTUNE MAKER SERIES follows the “path of complete self-potentiation” represented by the archetypal journey of “Fool to Fortune.”

This is your opportunity to be “Ace of mind, heart, body, and spirit” because the Magician succeeds by virtue of acting on the natural gifts you possess in your own hands.

We ask you to create a mythic name for yourself in our sessions so that you transcend the limitations of your social self to become magical and empowered.

Visualize your success in different aspects of the Fortune Life.

Imagine your success as healthy.

Imagine your success as wealthy.

Imagine your success as happy.

Imagine your success as living your life purpose.

Imagine your success as living a free, peaceful and loving life.

Imagine your success as living long and living well.

See it, feel it, believe it, do it!


The Universal and Archetypal Journey for Having It All By Being It All

The FORTUNE MAKER SERIES is a complete “manifestation system” of twelve 90-minute live sessions to help you achieve your aspirations. Each FORTUNE MAKER session “activates” you with actions so that you create on-going productive “habits.” And it works because we have an ongoing, interactive support circle! (You cannot do it alone).

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