NWTS 2016!

nwtsI’m still in the afterglow of the Northwest Tarot Symposium and wanted to share some quick reactions ….

nwts-poster-squareLast year’s NWTS was the first tarot gathering I had been to.  I had a wonderful time while learning a huge amount and meeting people I really liked.   And I was really blown away by the quality of the speakers, the friendliness and interestingness of the attendees, and the smoothness of the logistics.

This year the speakers, attendees, and logistics were once again all of that. Once again I met interesting people while learning a lot, and as a bonus got the chance to catch up with some of the wonderful people I’ve met over the last year in the tarot community.   Plus it was pretty exciting to talk with people about the FortuneMaker series and our next event The Wisdom of Intuition – especially since I had first met James Wanless at NWTS 2015!  And the TapestryMaker software we’re using for Fortune Maker got a shout-out from Gina Thies during the excellent Going Pro! panel – how cool is that?

I got so much out of NWTS — on the personal level, learning new reading techniques, getting ideas about where tarot is going.  You can get an idea of it from some of the readings from the vairous sessions I attended…

How to get the most out of the conference? Questions/Answers

From Jaymi Elford’s Playing with Two Decks.  Readings by SJ, cards from the Rider-Waite-Smith and Burning Serpent Oracle.   

How to get the most out of the conference?  Four of Pentacles, Reversed, and The Hound.

Questions/Answers: The High Priestess, Reversed, and The Bear.

What should I have for dinner?  Soup and salad!

From Taylor Ellwood’s Spontaneous Tarot Spreads.

Cards from Voyager Tarot:

  • Go to a restaurant? Ten of Crystals, Delusion
  • Soup and Salad?  Woman of Crystals, Guardian
  • Another Burger? Three of Crystals, Creativity, Reversed
  • Skip Dinner? Three of Wands, Compassion, Reversed
  • Pizza?  Ace of Worlds, Success, Reversed

How can I understand Lenormand? 

From Kendra Hurteau’s Lenormand Step-by-Step.

Cards from the Burning Serpent Oracle.  The Burning Tree; The Stars; The Key; The Clouds (no doubt representing my current confusion 🙂 ); The Tower

What do I most need to know right now?

From Mary Greer’s RITE: A Readings that is Interactive, Transformational and Empowering); reading by Elizabeth, background image by Eric Dunne from the NWTS poster.

Card from the Waite-Smith tarot (via Wikipedia), Seven of Pentacles.

What are my blessings for the day?

From Leeza Robertson’s Tarot Spells and Daily Divinations, background image from Wikipedia Commons.

Card from the Voyager Tarot: Eight of Wands, Harmony.


From Jennifer Lucero-Earle’s ArcanaDance, background image from the Voyager Tarot (detail from Sun).

Cards from Voyager Tarot:

  • What is affecting my vitality?  Woman of Crystals, Guardian
  • What will increase my vitality?  Devil’s Play


Over time, I’ll have to say about these these sessions.  To start with, though, I’ll start with something that really resonated with me: Leeza’s perspectives on giving thanks.   I really do feel blessed by the opportunity to attend NWTS and spend a weekend with such wonderful people!  So thanks and appreciation to

  • Jay and Jadzia and the organizing committee and all the volunteers, for the excellent logistics
  • The speakers for sharing their knowledge and creating great space for learning and growing
  • The artists who had works in the silent auction, and the vendors — especially those who made chocolate available.
  • All the attendees for the interesting questions, discussions, and conversations — especially the folks I collaborated with during the sesssions and hung out with in the bar!
  • The people I’ve gotten to know in the tarot community, for the insights, friendliness,  fun, and wisdom they’ve shared with me
  • James and the other Fortune Makers for the chance to go on this journey together

Can’t wait for NWTS 2017!

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