The Management of You

hierophant-barOn July 12, the Fortune Maker series continues on the journey through the archetypes with The Management of You. Join us for a 90-minute live online session, and a month of followup in the online Fortune Circle, to connect with the Hierophant in you and take the next step in living the life you want to live!

Please note: because of holiday schedules, this month’s Fortune Circle is on the second Tuesday!

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The Magic of Creation

Become the living Magician, a veritable wizard within you to manifest your aspirations and goals. On March 1, 2016, join James Wanless online to “activate” the manifestor in you.

By tapping the power of real magic in you, establish your personal power by materializing your own creative gift. Learn and activate the “mechanics of manifestation” for any aspect of you and your life.

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