James Wanless talks about Fortune Creation Through Myth and Symbol on Spirited Radio

Sarcophagus_with_the_Abduction_of_Persephone_by_Hades_(detail)Julie King of Spirited Radio will host a three-part series with James, discussing Fortune Creation through Myth and Symbol.   Here’s the schedule:

January 20: Discussion about What is “fortune”? And how to use mythology and symbols to create a life that we would prefer.
January 27: What are the steps we need to take to create our Fortune?
February 3: How to handle setbacks and why we do not complete our goals. We also talk about habit creation.

Julie and James tell us that one of the topics they discuss in the January 20th show is the power of a “mythic name”, an idea that plays a powerful role in the Fortune Circle.  You didn’t think Emerenta and Kallisti are the names that show up on our drivers licenses, did you? 🙂

The show is on Radio Monterey at 9 a.m.  Pacific, noon Eastern, every Wednesday.  You can listen at this link — and call in by dialing 831-227-2195 then 756555#.  Looking forward to it!
Image: Photo by Ad Meskens of Sarcophagus with the abduction of Persephone, Walters Art Museum, via Wikimedia Commons.