“The GPS of the Soul”: Fool to Fortune Archetypes


In these fast-changing times, we need a human roadmap more than ever so that we know our center, who we are, where we are in consciousness, how and when to tap which inner resources, how to manage blocks and detours, where to go within ourselves to achieve our goals, and what are your life-destinations, anyway?

James’ latest video and LinkedIn post talks about archetypes and their role in the Voyager Tarot and the Fortune Maker series:

Some old roadmaps still work today because they present universal, primordial, cross-cultural truths that are a priori to human existence. Personality archetypes found in the myths of yesteryear are still applicable. Mythic stories can still guide us….

As a mythic mapmaker, I have created a deck of cards called “Voyager” that visually and symbolically picture the “Fool to Fortune” hero’s journey. As a card deck, I pick cards, either face-up or down (both ways work for life-navigation insights). My interpretation of their meaning by using the “whole brain” of logic, experienced memory, imagination, and intuition gives me a balanced sense of myself – who I’ve been, who I am in the present, where I am going with my life, where I can go, and how to get there in a wholistic way. Plus, archetypal symbols are innately motivating and have deep “priming”  impact on the psyche. “Voyager” is my go-to navigation tool, a “gps of the soul.”

In the Fortune Maker series, we focus on activating the eleven Fool to Fortune archetypes in each of us — connecting with them as advisors, working with them as allies them to help accomplish our goals and learn new habits.   For me, combining with the ongoing followup in the Fortune Circle online community (which is a great support group) works really well.  Plus, it’s fun, especially since we’re all participating under our mythic names!