Fortune Maker: the Risk Taker



The Fool is symbolic of the child you are. Be Spontaneous. Trust in the Universe. Relax, be yourself, take risks, play. Be open and curious. Allow your natural genius its expression. If you occasionally fall on your face, that’s part of growing. Follow your spirit rather than the practical and conventional.

You Are the Power of Creation
The power to find gold, transform into gold, and make gold.What’s your gold?What are you transforming into gold?

What new gold are you manifesting?

Be TRUSTING: Risk-taker: “Anything is possible, and nothing is certain.”

What’s a risk to take, a leap of faith that shows you trust the life force?

Be CURIOUS: Explorer: “The un-examined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

What do you want to explore and try?

Be LEARNING: Wild Child: “If you’re not mistakin’ – you’re not growin’ and you’re not livin’.”

Are you willing to make a mistake?

Be CHANGE-ABLE: Unpredictable: “If you are predictable, you die of sameness.”

How can you be spontaneous right now?

Be ALIVE!: Live Wire: “Life is Adventure”

What adventure would make you more alive and vital?

Be FREE: Free Spirit: “Born of the infinite zero, nothing is holding you back to be all that you can be and are meant to be.”

The Universal and Archetypal Journey for Having It All By Being It All

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