Sharing of the Wealth

lovers-barOn August 2, the Fortune Maker series continues on the journey through the archetypes with Sharing of the Wealth. Join us for a 90-minute live online session, and a month of followup in the online Fortune Circle, to connect with the Lovers in you and take the next step in living the life you want to live!

Visualize your success in different aspects of the Fortune Life.

Imagine your success as healthy.

Imagine your success as wealthy.

Imagine your success as happy.

Imagine your success as living your life purpose.

Imagine your success as living a free, peaceful and loving life.

Imagine your success as living long and living well.

See it, feel it, believe it, do it!

The live online sessions always include insights from James on the archetype and how to connect with it in your life, activating the archetype by choosing a card and identifying an action to start making progress, and a guided meditatation. There’s also usually a surprise of some kind, like when Tommee the Tarot Monkey showed up!

  • Get coaching from James in a small-group setting
  • Experience guided meditations and practice Fortune Maker activations online
  • Learn about Face Up Tarot and explore the archetypes

During the month, the online Fortune Circle community is the place for ongoing discussions, support from James and other Fortune Makers, readings, and optional assignments. You’ll also have access to recordings and activations for the earlier archetypes in the series.

The Universal and Archetypal Journey for Having It All By Being It All

The FORTUNE MAKER SERIES is a complete “manifestation system” of twelve 90-minute live sessions to help you achieve your aspirations. Each FORTUNE MAKER session “activates” you with actions so that you create on-going productive “habits.” And it works because we have an ongoing, interactive support circle! (You cannot do it alone).

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